Bandana Donation



Donate any amount to support 906 Adventure Team.  The quantity you enter just corresponds to how many dollars you would like to donate.  One bandana will be sent per order.

Suggested Donation of $15



So… We had this cool design made for some bandanas and had them printed… BUT OOPSE we caught a minor typo after the fact [facepalm].  We didn’t really know what to do about it since it didn’t seem right to sell them with the error, but at the same time they still look nice and for the most part, most people would never even notice the typo…  We thought about selling them at a discounted price… OR what if instead we just let people pay whatever they wanted to pay for them and to sweeten the deal, we donate 100% of whatever the bandanas sell for to 906 Adventure team.  (Not sure what that is?  You can check them out HERE)  Now that is something we can get excited about.  So, sure thing, that is what we are doing.

Based on what the bandanas cost, we would suggest donating around $15, but really it is your call.  If you want to donate just a $1, we will still send you a bandana… I mean, you could do that… We won’t judge you. Or you could donate like $1,000 and we would still send you a bandana (shoot, I’d even throw in some free stuff if you dropped a grand for 906 AT).  Either way, 100% of the bandana sale goes to the 906 Adventure team, and you get a pretty sweet bandana in the process with a totally intentional typo included to make it extra unique.

About the bandana itself.  As you can see in the picture over there, it is dark gray with white text and designs.  The printing is just on one side.  The dimensions are 22″ x 22″, so they are pretty big.  I myself am not a bandana wearer personally, but I would totally hang this on the wall just because the design is cool.  Either way, you do you.

All that said, we are limiting this to one bandana per online order.  So regardless of whatever quantity of donation you enter, we will send you one bandana.  If we get complaints because you thought you were going to get way more bandanas, someone will probably send you a screenshot of this, saying, “Look, it was right there in the product description… 1 bandana for you!”.  We will still love you and your one bandana though.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Enjoy the bandana.