Colombia – Nariño


Origin: Colombia
Region: Nariño
Farm: Various smallholder farmers
Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Tabi, Typica
Altitude: 1600–2300 masl
Proc. Method: Washed

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The Cup
Chocolate, berry, coffee cherry and savory fruit flavors; sugary with lots of tart acidity and a heavy mouthfeel.

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The Regional Select program was created to highlight the unique profiles we have found that are inherent to various microclimates in many of the countries from which we source green coffee. Local variables like wind patterns, soil quality, sunlight, elevation, and other environmental influencers have much to do with the common characteristics that separate, say, a Northern Colombian from a Southern Colombian coffee, just as they inform the differences between a Colombian and a Kenyan.

Nariño is the southwestern-most department in Colombia along the border with Ecuador, with one of its main boundaries being the Pacific Ocean. The climate here is unusual even in a place as geographically diverse as Colombia: Dry, rugged terrain and dramatic slopes and valleys create conditions that boost the big, sparkling, and juicy quality of the coffees. Warm, humid air collects in the lowlands during the day and creeps up the mountainside at night, which allows coffee to thrive much higher than commonly thought possible, all the way up to 2,300 meters.