Costa Rica – La Palmiliera [Roaster Reserve]



Size | 8 oz. Whole Bean
Country: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Farm: Palmilera, Didier Sánchez & Pablo Sánchez
Variety: Gesha, Typica
Process Method: Natural
Harvest Schedule: January–February

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Black Tea, Floral, Watermelon

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Due to its rarity and unique tasting characteristics, this is a world class coffee.  Limited quantities are available on this special roaster reserve release!
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Finca Palmilera is a 15 hectare coffee farm that has been in the Sánchez family for over 20 years. Didier and Pablo Sánchez manage the farm, located 1500 meters above sea level in San Lorenzo, Costa Rica. They represent two generations of the Sánchez family and are committed to producing quality specialty coffee through hard work and technology. The Sánchez family is focused on improving processes at their farm and experimenting with new types of processing methods. They produced this natural process lot from 100% ripe cherries that were dried on raised beds and patios for 20 days. Owners, Chris and Adam, have visited this farm several times and are always impressed with their ingenuity and high quality coffees.