Coffee is Community

To CONTRAST is to be Strikingly Different.  With its stunning beauty, enduring resilience, and rich history – the Upper Peninsula is an incredible contrast from the average land.  But the U.P. is not just a land, it is a community of Yoopers near and far who are not afraid to do difficult things, see greatness in the challenge, and overcome.

That community is core to what Contrast Coffee is.  Contrast exists to be a facilitator of community, hosting the connections that come so much easier over a cup of coffee.

Living up to the standards of that community is not an easy task, but we aim to represent it as best we can through every cup served, in the partnerships with farmers around the world, with the local vendors we proudly purchase from, and the incredible friends and neighbors across the U.P. working at Contrast providing you the best experience possible.

In short, to us, coffee is so much more than an incredible beverage – 

Coffee is community.

Contrast Coffee attempts to be strikingly different in our pursuit of

 Coffee is Community 

through three initiatives:

Empowering Farmers  | Connecting Friends  |  Growing Communities

Coffee farmers are remarkable individuals that face numerous challenges in producing a high-quality product that is economically sustainable.  Unfortunately, in many cases, farmers have not been fairly rewarded for their dedicated efforts.  This is a tragic outcome for hard working men and women who deserve better.  Contrast Coffee is committed to the idea our community does not end at the borders of the U.P. but extends all the way to the farmer who produced such an incredible product.

Coffee is Community

Initiative 1 | Empowering Farmers

Contrast Coffee aims to live up to our name in being strikingly different by empowering the community of farmers we partner with via:

  1. Relationships – We have started making trips to meet with several of our farm partners to build a relationship with them and better understand their needs to achieve success both in their farms and communities.
  2. Purchasing – We are committed to only purchasing quality coffees that were obtained in excess of the “C” market rate (financial market rate for coffee).
  3. Investment – As further relationships are established with our farm partners, we aim to invest in the farms and their communities – further developing improvements in agricultural practices, quality, and sustainability.

One of the best things about running coffee shops is seeing day in and day out the connections taking place.  Friends and family coming together over a beverage, business meetings, community round table events, and countless study sessions.  A coffee shop should be a safe, family friendly hub that brings the community together.

Coffee is Community

Initiative 2 | Connecting Friends

Contrast Coffee aims to live up to our name in being strikingly different by connecting friends and family across the Upper Peninsula through:

  1. Accessibility – Contrast Coffee is the only coffee company in the U.P. with four locations creating accessibility to 40% of the Upper Peninsula population.
  2. Quality – We are committed to providing a quality product that enhances your time spent with friends and loved ones.
  3. Service – We are committed to providing the highest standards in friendly and welcoming service, attentive to your individual needs, and if something isn’t right, doing whatever we can to make it right.

    The Upper Peninsula is an incredible community of strong, talented, hardworking, and fun-loving individuals that are dedicated to seeing the U.P. thrive.  Contrast is honored to be an active part of that community and excited to help contribute to the continued success of the U.P.

    Coffee is Community

    Initiative 3 | Growing Communities

    Contrast Coffee aims to live up to our name in being strikingly different by helping grow Upper Peninsula communities through:

    1. 906 Days – Contrast Coffee events designed to promote non-profit organizations across the Upper Peninsula and donate 100% of that day’s coffee shop profits.
    2. Local Suppliers – We are proud to utilize a large network of Upper Peninsula suppliers, contractors, and artists to provide a high-quality product and atmosphere in every contrast coffee shop
    3. Neighborly Action – The Upper Peninsula community is incredible.  We are proud to live here, our kids go to school here, we camp, hunt, and fish here.  We want to see the U.P. thrive and help in any way we can.  Whether through sponsoring a local soccer team, community events, donations, or humanitarian aid – Contrast isn’t some faceless organization – we are neighbors, friends, and family.  A community of Yoopers actively aiming to make our communities stronger every day.