Magnolia Mug


Mug holds 12 fl-oz

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In the year 1724, someone named Sir Edmund Magnolia probably designed the two tone ceramic brandable mug. Assuming that is the case, the design would have become an instant classic and everyone would have been like… Hey, Sir Ed… What do you call this great mug? To which Ed would obviously reply, “Umm… I don’t know”. So everyone just ended up calling it the Magnolia. At least some historians think that is how it went down…

Anyway, the mug pictured above comes in four color options. Each mug has the Contrast Logo on one side and a coffee plant logo on the other side. The mugs are 12 oz of awesome.

All that said, if Sir Ed saw these mugs, he would have been so impressed he probably would have thrown his version away. So it’s a good thing he didn’t see these mugs, because then it would have created a time paradox or something since if he threw his version away, how could our version have ever been made… And then the universe would for sure collapse in on itself. Regardless, you (or whoever you are considering buying this for) will like drinking coffee out of it and we 100% guarantee that doing so will not cause the end of the world. That is, unless your name is Sir Edmund Magnolia… and in that case, please don’t buy it Ed. Thanks.