V60 Pour Over Kit


Perfect Starter Kit for Home Brewing like a Professional

Includes V60 Dripper, V60 Paper Filters, Digital Scale and Timer, Hand Grinder.

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Contrast Coffee V60 Brew Instructions

Our preferred method of pour over coffee is the V60.  We feel the V60 provides a dynamic cup of coffee, highlighting the smallest nuances of flavor the coffee has to offer.

Brewing Guidelines

We use a 16:1 water to coffee ratio.  Our 10 oz pour over uses 22 grams of coffee and 352 grams of water.  Our 16 oz pour overs use 32 grams of coffee and 512 grams of water.

Basic instructions for 10 oz pour over.

  1. Take a V60 filter, open it up, set in the V60 cone and rinse thoroughly with hot water. This will ensure no papery taste resides in the brew, and will also heat the holding vessel.
  2. Grab the correct coffee and weigh for the correct size.  Grind coffee to designated grind level for V60 (a little finer than table salt).
  3. Add coffee to the filter and tare the scale
  4. Start your timer and pour twice as much water as coffee (i.e. 22g coffee x 2 = 44g water) over the grounds. The goal is even saturation, so pour slowly in a clockwise pattern. This bloom allows the coffee to de-gas, enabling the water to yield the full potential of the coffee. This is an essential step that should never be rushed.
  5. After about 45 seconds, add water in stages starting with a pour of 150 grams bringing your total weight to 200 grams.  Once the water starts to go down add 50 grams at a time until you reach the desired final brew weight, making sure that the grounds are never exposed to air until the brew is finished. Concentrate the pour towards the center of the V60, working your way outwards to about a centimeter from the edge of the slurry. The water stream from the pouring kettle should be slow enough to fall straight down, not at an angle.
  6. Once you have poured the designated weight, stop pouring and wait for the rest of the water to pass through the filter.  This process should take approximately 3 minutes if your grind setting is correct.