Honduras – Marcala


Country: Honduras
Region: Marcala
Farm: Marcafe
Variety: Catuai, Pacas
Altitude: 1400-1500
Process Method: Washed
Harvest Schedule: November-February

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Toasted Sugars, Almond, Fruit Acidity
Size: 12 oz. Whole Bean

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The farm of Marcafe is based in the city of Marcala, La Paz, in Honduras. It was founded with the objective of supporting local producers and families. It strives to promote better opportunities and a better quality of life through the proud sales of its coffee. This idea arose from the community’s need for employment, a use of natural resources, and a need for social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

The producers are regular people who seek and work toward a better quality of life for their families. They have strong principles and perseverance that helps them cultivate their community.

Marcafe is involved in the entire process and therefore guarantees quality and consistency each step of the way. Marcafe carries out activities such as collection, purchase, sale and processing of coffee. All of this while working directly with partners and producers in the area. They are committed to the development of the local economy, all while allowing both economic and social benefits to be obtained in accordance with environmental protection standards.

Contrast Coffee is excited to be working directly with Marcafe and their team to source the best coffees from the area. This is a direct trade partnership that is continually growing. Contrast is looking forward to a future of more excellent coffees from these excellent communities and Marcafe.